How do I place an online order?

How do I place an online order?

We highly recommend placing your orders via our website because you are able to see stock levels at a glance, incoming stock and a history for your orders is kept under your profile making it easy for your reference and to re-order if required!

1. Login to

2. You can search for your product by going to OUR RANGE and finding the relevant category, or make use of the quick search tool which allows you to search SKUs and product descriptions.

Quick Search

3. We also have product filters available where you are able to search colours, brands, features etc. This is visible when searching via the OUR RANGE category - see red area below:

Product filters

4. Once you have found the product you would like to order, select the colour and enter the quantity below as below.

There are fields to show you the relevant SKU information:

In Stock: Shows the number of items available for purchase. 
KZN & JHB: The warehouses showing quantities (Note: It is possible that some of these products are on sales order - in stock shows you how many are available for purchase)
ETA: Estimated arrival for the next shipment
Incoming: Incoming quantity of the next shipment

Product page

5. Once you have added the quantities and colours required. Scroll down and ADD TO CART. Click VIEW CART to check your order or CONTINUE SHOPPING to add more products.

Add to cart

6. Review your cart. If you are ready to place your order, please enter Your Order Reference which is your own reference for this order. You are also able to add a note should you need to. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click CHECKOUT.

Review cart

7. On checkout, you need to select your billing address and choose your delivery address. There are 3 options and details on this options can be viewed here.

Once you have chosen your delivery, please confirm your order. You should receive an online order reference email from our site. Your sales consultant will be in contact with you should there be any shortages and a final invoice will be sent to you for payment.