How do I check my spend & Partnership Program status?

Your Proactive Partnership status is important. As you move up a tier, you benefit from increased discounts and free marketing tools.


1. Login to (Can't login? - please click here)
2. Click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner.
3. This will present your dashboard showing your current tier, current spend and how much you need to spend to reach the next tier before the end of the financial year. A visual spend meter bar is also presented to you.

Kindly note, that to view your spend, you should have admin access (authorised by the owner of your company) to your account. Please contact us if you feel you should have this access.

4. Whenever you place an online order with us, a copy of your updated spend meter is emailed to you at the bottom of your online order reference - making it easy for you to keep track:

For detailed information about our Proactive Partnership Program - please click here.
Should you have any questions or need any help, please email